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Dakimakura Details

The waifu pillow picture is compressed by the website, which makes it unclear. We guarantee that the printed product is perfect.

Sakume Dakimakura Store FAQ

What is Sakume Dakimakura Store?

Sakume anime dakimakura shop in Tokyo, Japan. Sakume dakimakura store is a shop specializing in the production and sale of dakimakura, with thousands of dakimakura products and reviews, covering anime, games, artists and other dakimakura products.You can buy anime body pillow cover, anime boy body pillow, anime girl body pillow, waifu pillow, 3d dakimakura.

What is Dakimakura?

Dakimakura originated in Japan, and then the Japanese Otaku culture continues to develop, especially the anime TV series, and dakimakura products will always appear. This product is loved by users around the world. Dakimakura (抱き枕; daki; 抱き; waifu pillow) is often translated to English as anime body pillow.

What is Dakimakura Made Of?

Dakimakura is composed of pillowcase and pillow core. Sakume dakimakura pillowcase has four materials: New 2WAY, 2WAY, Peach Skin, Plush Fabric.Sakume’s pillow inner has two kinds of materials: PP cotton and weighted down silk.

Why Sakume is the Best Dakimakura Store?

Professional Service; High-Quality Dakimakura; Friendly User Interface; Cheap Dakimakura.

What is Sakume‘s vision?

Sakume help me sleep with the dakimakura waifu pillow. Sakume makes my dream come true!

Dakimakura Store Review

Noel Parker Re Zero Body Pillow

I received the stuff very satisfied, very beautiful and well.
Re Zero body pillow
Noel Parker

Walter Ball FATE Series Saber Dakimakura

waifu body pillow size is just right.
Saber body pillow
Walter Ball

Josh Parry Izumi Sagiri body pillow

The anime dakimakura product is very good, the texture is soft.
Izumi Sagiri body pillow
Josh Parry

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